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Mighty Mallow

Out in the community!

The only thing more fun than making treats, is sharing them with you--our neighbors and friends!

In person or on social media, we LOVE hearing your feedback and seeing all your faces as you take that very first (or second, or third) bite. So please, tell us what you think.

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The feeling's mutual 

Carlos Bocanegra
average rating is 5 out of 5

I discovered the Mallow treats in July, but I left for awhile and almost forgot to look for them tonight at Todos Los Santos, Concord. Glad I did and I bought 5 tasty treats to share. Oh so good. I'd add pictures; but I ate mine before coming to this site. Sorry, get your own!

Joel Uke
average rating is 5 out of 5

I discovered these at Concord’s Todos Santos Plaza during their summer concerts. I love twice crispy treats and these are great. I bought cookies and cream, strawberries and cream, cinnamon and coconut. Strawberry was my favorite but they are all very good.

Maria Espanol
average rating is 5 out of 5

Best rice crispie treats out there!

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